Charring the Wick

Wicks need to have about 1/8” of char (partially burnt, blackened surface) on the top. This makes the wick much easier to light and keep a steady flame, and also is important for creating the blue flame. New wicks are sold with the charring already done.

Reasons a wick might need to be re-charred:

  • Wick was over-cleaned and the char was removed (often the case if using a razor blade)
  • Old wick unused for some time, or roughed up burning surface from placing and removing the outer wick tube, causing char to be worn off and the top to become frayed and uneven

Steps to Re-Char:

  1. Remove all fuel from the font and let the wick dry out completely
  2. Remove the gallery and flame spreader
  3. Turn wick up 1/8” above outer wick tube
  4. Dip top of wick of wick into Aladdin lamp oil briefly (about 5 seconds)
  5. Light wick and let it burn until the flame goes out—allow the top of the wick to smolder or glow until completely out (3-5 minutes)
  6. Use the Aladdin wick cleaner to smooth the top of the wick (see Wick Cleaning instructions)
    • There should be about 1/8” of char around the top
    • If it is uneven, or there isn’t enough char, repeat the above steps (sometimes it takes more than one time to get things to even out properly)