Wall Bracket Lamps

Again, Aladdin offers two different styles of Magical Wall Bracket Lamps including both beautiful glass and gleaming, solid brass bowls that allows you to choose the best for your application. Both the glass and brass font models equipped with strong, solid cast brass wall brackets that permit lamp to be installed on most any wall surface. Bracket also swivels allowing lamp to move from side to side permitting most desirable angle of light.

The advantage of the wall bracket lamp model with the glass bowl is to easily know when it is time for refueling by observing the fuel level. Advantage of the solid brass bowl is security against breakage and that it provides fuel for 18 hours of operation before refueling is required. Glass bowl holds 1-quart Aladdin Lamp Fuel and burns for 12 hours.

Most any Aladdin glass or parchment shade can be fitted to Magical Wall Bracket Lamps and just tell your Aladdin dealer the shade you prefer. They will be pleased to order your selection. Also available less shade.

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