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Burner Recall Notice for MaxBrite Burner

recall - photo

Hazard: The lamp burner’s male threads can disengage from the female threads on some lamp bases, allowing the burner to disconnect from the base, posing a burn hazard to the user.

Remedy: Customer should stop using the affected burner and contact Crownplace Brands for a free replacement.

Consumer Contact: Crownplace Brands, Ltd at 800-457-5267 from 9:00 AM Eastern Time to 4:30 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday or via email at

Recall Details

Units: Less than 500

Description: Aladdin MaxBrite 500 lamp burner.

  • Solid brass with brass finish.
  • Approximately 4” tall and 3 ¼” diameter at widest point.
  • The threaded part of the burner is less than 9 mm (less than 3/8”) long

recall - knob imprint
Burner knob imprinted with words, “Aladdin MAXBrite 500” and a stylized sunrise

recall - aladdin imprint  recall - patent imprint
“Aladdin” and the patent number 3551086 are imprinted on the barrel of the burner

recall - box2
Sides and top of the box are imprinted with the words “40 Candlepower Light”

recall - box
The bottom of the box has the bar code 675222172257 printed on it and a sticker with the address of Crownplace Brands.

Note: A similar product with threads over 10 mm (just over 3/8”) long is not being recalled. These burners are similar in appearance except for thread length. The box has a lot number on it, the words “New and Improved”, a different bar code and the words “Up to 15% brighter”.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received one report of thread failure. The user received 1st degree burns that did not require medical treatment on his hand.

Sold at: Nationwide at hardware, antique and general merchandise stores and websites like from July 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016. As an individual item, it sold for about $95. It may also have been sold as part of a lamp assembly, at prices between $129 and $400.

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MAXbrite® 500 Burner – Product Detail (Updated December 2016)

MAXbrite® 500 Series Burner – Product Detail          Updated December 2016


The New Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner was introduced in August/September 2015.  The Aladdin® side draft burner is a time-tested burner design that is over 80 years old. The burner design changes have been incremental since the Model 21 was introduced in 1953.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 is a refinement of and replacement to the most recent Aladdin® Model 23 side draft burner.  Our goal was to maximize light output.  We made changes to eliminate random air leaks that have troubled Model 23 production since the Model 23 England burner was discontinued.  Those air leaks caused troublesome spikes in the flame.  The MAXbrite® Model 500 burner eliminates those spikes which kept mantles from being used at full brightness.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner is matched with a new redesigned MAXbrite® chimney which modifies the airflow around the chimney base to further increase the mantle’s light output.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® burner is manufactured at a new factory in China.  We moved the final assembly and quality control to the USA and all of our current stock was inspected and assembled here in Ohio.  Collectors are calling it the finest burner produced in the last half century!


Improved Knob!  Aladdin® MAXbrite® 500 uses a larger diameter made from a special alloy called ZAMAC (Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper). This alloy is not as heat conductive as brass so the knob stays cooler to the touch.  The larger diameter makes wick adjustment much easier.


Smooth Wick Adjustment!  The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner uses a re-engineered Wick Raiser (N233) that moves the wick smoothly.  Finite adjustments in the wick height are now possible.  The wick raiser is backwards compatible with the Model 23 and Model 21 burners.  The MAXbrite® uses the same English-made Wick (N230) as the Aladdin® Model 23.

The wick adjustment shaft was shortened to make wick replacement easier.  The gear is less likely to tangle with the wick when it is replaced.

The bushing in the side of the MAXbrite® burner base that holds the wick adjustment shaft is attached without deforming the side of the burner basket.  The Model 23 burners are often seen with a dent around the bushing where too much pressure was applied from the outside to install the bushing.  Our new tooling produces a better product.


Precise Fit!  Close examination shows that some of the corners in the burner where parts come together are tighter or sharper on the Aladdin® MAXbrite® 500 than on the Model 23. The MAXbrite® is made with all new tooling.

The tooling required to make parts for the Model 23 burners were destroyed prior to our taking over Aladdin® Lamp and Accessories production.  We have many old parts in stock and in many cases MAXbrite® burner parts will fit on the Model 23 burners.  However, Aladdin® Model 23 burners were not consistently manufactured to tight tolerances.  Because the MAXbrite® burner is manufactured to precise specifications on different tooling, we cannot guarantee that MAXbrite® parts will fit Model 23 burners as performance problems may result.


Improved Air Flow!  Throughout the Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner there are improvements designed to provide metered air supply when needed to eliminate leaks that reduce performance.  The result?  Improved combustion and brilliant light!

The gallery appears identical to the Heel-less Gallery (N239AB – Brass & N239AN – Shiny Nickel) used on the Aladdin® Model 23A burner.  Internal clearances on the new gallery were changed to improve air flow to the mantle.  The new gallery is not fully backwards compatible due to the variations in diameter on the Model 23 burners.  We have an excellent supply of Model 23 Heel-less Galleries.


UPDATE: Flame spreaders used on very early models of the MAXbrite® burner may be slightly too large to work on some older burners. Starting with Model 501, we made improvements in the tooling designed to improve backwards compatibility. As a result, you should be able to use our new N106 flame spreader on older models all the way back to 1928 (12, 21, A, B, C, 23, 23a, 500 Series).

One of the issues is that both burners and flame spreaders from all eras and model runs often vary slightly in size.  Because the flame spreader must fit very closely to avoid air leaks, small variations in size can make things tight.  If your new flame spreader is too large, it can often be adapted by filing or sanding the bottom edge.

The MAXbrite® and new N106 flame spreaders have one notch cut out of the base. In addition, the distribution and size of the air holes gives improved performance over many earlier versions, which had two notches on the base.


The new MAXbrite® Model 500 outer wick tube (on right in the photo above) has many changes to provide improved air flow.

The attachment sleeve connecting the outer wick tube to the air diffuser on the Model 23 burner is 0.25″ long and held in place by six evenly spaced dimples. The attachment sleeve on the MAXbrite® Model 500 is 0.37″ long and attached with four equally spaced dimples.  The outer wick tubes can be interchanged about half the time, due to variations in the Model 23 burner basket.  We have a very limited supply of outer wick tubes for the Model 23, with a shiny nickel finish.


From the bottom, the Aladdin® MAXbrite® burner base now has four drain holes in the base of the burner to keep excess kerosene from puddling inside the burner.

MB Chimney White Logo

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® 500 chimney was introduced in 2015 with the MAXbrite® 500 burner. The chimney shape is designed to maximize the light output of the R-150 Lox-on Mantle. This chimney should always be used with a MAXbrite® Model 500 burner to maximize light output and burning efficiency. First production was done with a green Aladdin MAXbrite® logo fired on with later productions in white (above).

NOTE: The MAXbrite® chimney is required for MAXbrite® burners but also works with all Aladdin® lamps except those with LoxOn® style galleries. It’s available in the standard-equipment 12 ½” tall version and in a 15 ½” tall high output version. The 15 ½” version must be used at altitudes over than 4,000 ft. It may also be used at elevations below 4,000 ft., where it will increase the light output by up to 20%.


We currently offer 2 finishes on the MAXbrite® Model 501 burners – Brass and Shiny Nickel.



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