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48th Gathering Highlights

Jenni Hayes and I (Lori Showalter) had the pleasure of representing Crownplace Brands and Aladdin at the 48th Gathering, in Louisville, Kentucky just a few weeks ago. We had a great time seeing some friendly, familiar faces as well as meeting plenty of new folks as well!

At the Crownplace table this year, we offered mix-and-match glue-ups for the 2nd time. This is something we only offer at Gatherings. For this special offer, we have “seconds” pieces of bowls and feet that people can choose from to create their own unique lamp, mixing colors and styles. Then, we glue the font up for them on the spot as they watch. In about 15 minutes, the glue is dry enough for them to take it with them.  This year, anyone who bought a mix-and-match lamp was entered into a drawing for one of the Signature Series Cobalt Grand Vertique lamps. The winner was very excited!  Check out some of the unique combinations we created this year! You won’t find these for sale anywhere!

We also had t-shirts for sale as well as some scrap lamp pieces that aren’t quite good enough to be used for lamps, but could be used for some other creative projects, such as flower pots, display stands, etc.! Check out what we did with a few pieces below (left)!

We hope to see everyone in Springfield, Missouri in 2022!

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48th Annual Gathering

We are looking forward to attending the 48th Gathering of the Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light in Louisville, Kentucky! It will be so nice to see everyone we missed when the event was canceled last year due to Covid-19. This year’s gathering will be held at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Center from June 20-27.

If you aren’t registered now, you will want to do so quickly so you can get the group rate at the hotel. If you have any questions, you can contact Ron or Vicki Jenkins at 615-289-1518 or 315-290-4354 or email

We are excited to announce that we will once again be offering exclusive Mix-and-Match font glue-ups on site! Stop by the Crownplace Brands table at the Lamp show on Friday or Saturday to pick out your pieces and get your very own custom-made lamp font! We first offered this opportunity at the 47th Gathering in 2019 and it was well-received, so we are pleased to be able to do it again this year.

If you missed our Mix-and-Match event at the last Gathering, here are some details about this special offer. Gathering attendees are given the opportunity to create their own unique lamp by choosing from a variety of styles and colors of feet (or pedestals) and bowls. The pieces offered are considered “seconds” because there may be some small flaws or were extra pieces for exclusive lamps. The minor impurities or defects do not affect the function of the lamp. We will only be bringing a select number of pieces, so get there early to pick your pieces, as they will be first come, first served. After you make your selections, watch as we glue your font together on the spot! Once the glue has time to dry (usually about 15-20 minutes), you can pick up your font and take it with you. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to design your very own lamp font to have as a keepsake from the event. To complete your lamp, you can purchase a burner, mantle, and chimney from the dealer of your choice, either at the Gathering or when you get home.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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New Aladdin T-Shirts – Get Yours!

Here at Aladdin, we are excited to introduce some Aladdin apparel! This is a first for us, but we hope you’re just as excited as we are! These new shirts are now available from your favorite Aladdin dealer. Contact us to find a dealer near you, or visit our table at this year’s Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky on June 24 & 25.

Pick your favorite style, or better yet, choose both!

The Aladdinize owl is a throwback to some old marketing campaigns from Aladdin many years ago, and it has been one our favorites.

The second design promotes the official Aladdin Museum, located inside Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH.

We even have a special design just for our authorized dealers.

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Fun Lamp/Shade Combos

In our last post, we shared some fun, new, bold lamp colors we’ve added to our Aluminum Powder Coated lamp series. We’ve also added some unique parchment shades that just happen to look AMAZING with these new lamps, as well as some of our old favorites.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the combinations we came up with. We would love to see some of your combinations, too! We’re always looking for color suggestions, so if you have a favorite color you haven’t seen yet, let us know!

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NEW Powder Coated Aluminum Colors!

We’re super excited to add some brand new bold colors to the Powder Coated Aluminum lamp series! These colors are unlike anything you’ve seen from Aladdin, so they are sure to pop.

Help us welcome these new colors:

  • Leaf Green
  • Orient Red
  • Sepia Brown
  • Water Blue

Not only are these colors bold, exciting, and new, but they also pair well with these 4 new parchment shades:

  • Autumn Floral
  • Pretty Peacock
  • Summer Sunflower
  • Surf Wave

To see some of the beautiful combinations we came up with, check out our next post. Hopefully, these will get your creative juices flowing. We hope you are as excited about these new additions as we are!

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New Shades, Just in Time for the Holidays!

We are so excited to introduce 3 new holiday shades that are absolutely perfect for winter and the upcoming holidays! Contact a dealer near you, and get yours now!

Holly Jolly Christmas (#100034481) – This festive Christmas pattern is done in a bright and fresh color palette with red poinsettia flowers, holly leaves, berries, pine and green twigs, making it perfect for the holidays.
Pine Bough (#100034479) – This simple yet stylish pattern contains pine needles, pine cones and branches with just enough green to get you through winter.
Silvery Snowflake (#100021647) – This cheery array of intricate snowflakes in silvery gray and blues on a white background will look great on an Aluminum Lamp, or Wedding White Powder Coated Lamp, or the Clear and Cobalt glass lamps, just to name a few.
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MAXbrite 500 Series Burner Upgrades: 500, 501, 502

The Aladdin MAXbrite 500 series burner is the current model featured on all new Aladdin lamps. We have recently received some inquiries about the differences between the MAXbrite 500, 501, and 502 versions. So, we thought it might be helpful to document the slight changes between each of the versions.

The 500

The threads on the original MAXbrite 500 were a little too short. After additional testing, we discovered that when used with a shade ring or tripod, there could be a hazard due to the burner not screwing all the way down tightly. For this reason, we initiated a voluntary recall on this first batch of MAXbrite 500s.

The recall affected 400 brass burners. To the best of our knowledge, we have received nearly all of them back. The best way to tell if you have a recalled burner is to try the burner with a shade ring or tripod to see if the burner can be screwed down securely or not. You can also measure the threads – the recalled burner threads measure less than 3/8″ long (9 mm). You can read more about he recall here.

The 501

MAXbrite burner basket imprinting
Example: Model 501 – November 2016

The thread length on the first run of the MAXbrite 501s was increased to overcome the above mentioned issue.

We also made some slight size modifications to the flame spreader on the Model 501 which made it more universal or “backwards compatible” with earlier produced Aladdin burners.

Beginning with the 501, we began stamping the burner basket with the model followed by the year and month of production (see image).

It is important to note that the original production of the Model 500 burners did not have a model # and year/month stamping on the basket. The Model 501 and 502 baskets should be stamped as described above. The wick turner knobs remains the same since these are all MAXbrite 500 Series burners.

The 502

When we launched the Model 502, we made some incremental improvements to the threads so they would be more “backwards compatible” with some of the older antique model Aladdin table lamp fonts (i.e. Model A, Model B, etc.). We also made adjustments to the tolerances of the gallery and outer wick tubes components to ensure a smoother fit.

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Collecting: Don’t Know Where to Start?

If you were lucky enough to attend our seminar Aladdin: Past, Present, & Future at the 47th Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa this past weekend, then you know what is coming! As promised, the “Tips” sheet is now available from our Instructional Documents page under the Learning & Resource Center menu. If you couldn’t make it to the Gathering or to our seminar, you’re in luck! You now have access to the resources that I discussed.

I have also created a template spreadsheet that can be used to create your own collection record! Take a look at the new “Collection” page for more information and to download your own copy of the template.

Starting an Aladdin collection can be overwhelming, so we thought it might be nice to offer some helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.

Get started – have fun – and happy collecting!

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NEW! Aladdin Limited Edition – Signature Series Traveling Salesman’s Case

Available Now!

Introducing the Limited Edition Signature Series – Traveling Salesman’s Case! Only 110 have been produced.  The Deluxe Brass K102 is safely nestled in a custom-made foam bed surrounded by a USA-made hardcase by Seward Trunk (founded in 1878, and famous supplier of World War II footlockers).  The K102 is a hand soldered exact replica of the early Aladdin Model 1 to Model 6, which was the heyday of the Aladdin Traveling Salesman. The Traveling Salesman’s Case will retail for $739.

Every Traveling Salesman’s set includes:

  • A serialized K102 Deluxe Brass lamp, with either a green N301 or red N302 ribbed shade
  • A 32 oz bottle of Aladdin brand oil
  • 2 Lox-on R150 Mantles
  • 1 extra N230 wick
  • A signed copy of Bill Courter’s book, “Aladdin, The Magic Name in Lamps”
  • A special serialized case bearing a facsimile signature of Victor S Johnson (lamp also contains a small signature plate on the bottom)
  • A Certificate of Authenticity

Click photos to enlarge

Just in time for the 2019 Aladdin Gathering!

The limited edition cases will be available starting at the 47th Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa (July 25-27). Be sure to stop by the Crownplace Brands table in the Show Room, where we will have one of the cases on display! Some dealers who are attending the Gathering will be ready to take your order. Contact your favorite dealer to get yours!

In Other News: K102 Retirement

The Deluxe Brass K102, featured in the salesman’s case, is slated for retirement. Be sure to get one before they’re gone!

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47th Annual Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa

Exciting news!  Crownplace Brands will be heading to the 47th Annual Aladdin Gathering in a couple weeks.  We plan on having a table at the Lamp Show to offer special Mix and Match Font glue ups on site!  That means you’ll be able to pick your parts and watch as the font is glued up!  This should be a fun event!  We have limited quantities on the various bowls and pedestals that are available for this event, so it’s on a first come, first serve, basis only.  The bowls and pedestals offered are considered ‘seconds’ as they didn’t quite pass our rigorous quality inspections.  We can’t wait to see what kinds of color combinations you can come up with.  We first offered this at the 41st Annual Eastern Lighting Collector’s Meet in Wooster, Ohio, back in April and we saw some pretty neat combinations, like a Cobalt Grand Vertique bowl with the Vaseline Lincoln Drape pedestal.

We’ll also be releasing a NEW Limited Edition Aladdin Traveling Salesman’s Case that will be available to purchase for the first time, from your favorite Aladdin dealer at the gathering!  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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NEW – Model 12 Style Glass Shades

Introducing our latest group of NEW Aladdin® Glass Shades! This group features a variety of images, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Model 12 (N66) Style Glass Shades

All shades are opal with the exception of the Black Rose shade which is featured on a champagne color shade.

Gristmill Shade
Gristmill on Opal #100022067
Rooster Shade Tree of Hearts Shade
Rooster on Opal #100022070 Tree of Hearts on Opal #100022071
Beach Paradise Shade Alpine Meadow Shade
Beach Paradise on Opal #100022072 Alpine Meadow on Opal #100022073
Black Rose Shade
Black Rose on Champagne #100022074
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NEW – Simple Floral Collection Shades

Spring is here (finally) whether it feels like it or not. So we thought it was the perfect time to be thinking about flowers! Aladdin® is pleased to announce this Simple Floral Collection of NEW hand painted glass shades. These simple yet appealing floral designs are available in several different shade styles. The M75- shades are crystal with clear middle. The N60- Model 12 Style Shades have a white top and clear bottom. The N66- shades are Opal. More unique designs to be released soon!

M-75 Style – Crystal, Clear Middle

Lotus #100022056 Plumeria #100022057

N-60 Model 12 Style – Crystal, White Top

Plumeria #100022061 Frangipani #100022062

N-66 Model 12 Style – Opal

Plumeria #100022068 Frangipani #100022069
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NEW – Cabin Series Student Shades

We have many NEW shades to offer that will be released a few at a time.

The first group is the new “Cabin Series” Student Shades. These white M54-style shades are available in a Bear, Deer, or Moose silhouette on a log-style background.

They offer the simple, rural charm of rustic cabin/lodge living. Contact your favorite dealer today to get yours!

Cabin Series - Bear Cabin Series - Deer Cabin Series Moose

Be on the lookout!! More new shades are coming soon!

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Behind The Scenes: The Making of the 47th Gathering Josephine Fonts

The 47th Aladdin Gathering is going to be held in Coralville, Iowa. You can find all of the details about this year’s Gathering on the National Association of Aladding Lamp Collectors’ (NAALC) website. The official lamp for this year’s Gathering is the Josephine, which was originally produced in 1994. Sold by Steve Covington, it was a tribute to his Grandmother, Josephine Melton. Be sure to check out the November issue of the Mystic Light Newsletter for Bob Daniels’ details on the journey to reproduce this unique font.  Watch for your March newsletter for more information as well.

These reproduction fonts were made using the mold owned by the NAALC. The new Josephine fonts were molded at Mosser Glass in Cambridge, OH. Goldie Stanley at Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, WV then hand painted the delicate Camille flower design and signed the bottom of each piece.

Behind The Scenes Production

Here at Crownplace, we’ve carefully added the burner collars to the new Josephine fonts. Take a sneak peak preview of the fonts that will be available at the Gathering. They will be available with both nickel (shown above) and brass (below) collars.

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More New Features!

Don’t miss out on some of the new features that we recently added to the website! Check out each of these new items added to the main navigation menu.

We hope that you will find all of these new resources helpful! As always, if you have suggestions for information that you would like to see available on the website, please let us know!

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TONS of New Content Added!

Exciting News!

As promised, we have added a TON of new content to the site! Whether you are new to Aladdin lamps or you are a seasoned collector, we have something for everyone! Be sure to check it all out and let us know what you think! We aren’t quite done yet, so you will see a few things labeled “Coming Soon!” .

Without further ado, here is a summary of all the new resources at your fingertips!

The following have been added to the Aladdin Learning & Resource Center menu and homepage:

  1. Detailed Model Diagrams – These have been on the site for a little while, but they have moved under the “Learning & Resource Center” menu.
  2. Instructional Documents – We had a few documents posted before, but now each of the new sections has its own PDF version which can be found here.
  3. Instructional Videos – These are all the same as before, except they are now on their own page.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions – These are the same as before, but they have moved under the “Learning & Resource Center” menu and also have a new PDF version available.
  5. Glossary of Terms – NEW! Search quickly by letter for the word you are wondering about, or scroll through the list and see if you learn anything new!
  6. Aladdin Lamp Anatomy – NEW! Learn about all of the parts of an Aladdin lamp with labeled diagrams and explanations of each part.
  7. Function – How They Work – NEW! See a detailed diagram of what is happening when you light your lamp.
  8. Troubleshooting – NEW! Find out what might be wrong with your lamp or with something you are doing; start off with some basic diagnostic questions or use the menu to search for your specific issue.
  9. Safety Tips – NEW! Safety tips every Aladdin user should know.
  10. Performance Tips – NEW! Tips every Aladdin user should know to get the best peformace from their magical lamp.

Find Parts – NEW menu item! Use this page for a quick list of parts for your lamp model. Also included is a list of part adaptability for models that can use parts from other models.

Aladdin History – NEW menu item! See a timeline of the rich and interesting history of Aladdin.

Search – A new search feature has been added to the menu! This new search allows you to search for anything on the site by keyword.


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How Do Aladdin Lamps Work?

Have you ever wondered,
“Just how, exactly, do Aladdin lamps work”?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve added a brand new resource document to the Learning and Resource Center that answers that very question! This new color-coded diagram describes exactly what is happening when you light your Aladdin lamp.

It’s actually quite fascinating to dig deeper into the burner’s anatomy and discover the function of each part, both individualy and as part of the whole.  Furthermore, understanding how your lamp works will help you troubleshoot when problems occur.

Find out now!

Click the image below to take a tour through an Aladdin burner from font to chimney. You will learn how the parts of your lamp are working together to create the truly unique bright, white light. It is nothing short of magical!

How Aladdin Lamps Work

Would you like to experience the magic for yourself? Contact an authorized Aladdin dealer near you!

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Limited Edition – Signature Series: Grand Vertique Honey Amber Table Lamp

Introducing the Newest Signature Series Lamp!

Aladdin® is pleased to announce the newest Aladdin® Signature Series lamp: The Grand Vertique Honey Amber Table Lamp! Only 165 lamps were produced for this Limited Edition, Signature Series collection. Each lamp comes with a serialized sticker on the bottom of the lamp and on the outside of the lamp carton. The sticker features a facsimile signature of Aladdin® inventor, Victor S. Johnson.  A Certificate of Authenticity is also included for each lamp. Contact a dealer near you to collect a piece of Aladdin history!

The beautiful honey amber glass font bowls and pedestals (as well as the shade molds) were done by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio. In addition, all lamps come with a shiny nickel burner and shade ring.

Just in time for fall, the lamp comes with one of two shade options: Fall Oak or Fall Mums. All of the shades were hand-painted, signed by the artist, and finished by Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, West Virginia.

Honey Amber with Fall Oak Shade #100023035

Honey Amber with Fall Mum Shade #100023034

The Honey Amber Table Lamp with fall shades follows prior entries in the Signature Series:

2018 – Grand Vertique Cobalt Blue with Cosmos or Petite Violets Shade
2017 – Grand Vertique Emerald Green with Ivy Shade

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New Content Coming Soon!

We are busy working on some exciting new things! For starters, we have revamped the look of the website. But we’re not done yet! If you have suggestions for things you would like to see, please let us know, and we will do our best to make it available on the site. We hope to have much more new content coming soon.

What’s New Right Now?

This blog! We know, it’s been awhile since we have posted an update, but that is going to change. Check back here often to see what’s happening in the world of Aladdin. We hope to share new products, new or updated resources, and much more.

Aladdin Model Diagram We are very proud to share a recently updated feature: brand new model diagrams! Now, each guide provides images of all original parts in a similar format, making them easy to compare. We have added many more wick raiser knob versions as well as flame spreader tops! For easy comparison and identification, international versions are now paired with their similar U.S. counterparts. Each guide lists any current replacement parts that are available, as well as interchangeability of parts between models. Not only can you now easily identify any Aladdin part, but you can also learn some fun history and see the progression of parts through the ages.

Don’t forget about our Learning Center! We have a wide range of helpful instructional videos that cover all aspects of owning and using an Aladdin lamp. This page has been revamped to help you easily find what you need. All of our videos are accessible right on our site, and they are conveniently grouped by content.

Content Coming Soon!

Check back often for more new things coming from Aladdin!

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Burner Recall Notice for MaxBrite Burner

Aladdin Burner Recall for MAXbrite 500

Aladdin Burner Recall Details

Hazard: The lamp burner’s male threads can disengage from the female threads on some lamp bases, allowing the burner to disconnect from the base, posing a burn hazard to the user.

Remedy: Customer should stop using the affected burner and contact Crownplace Brands for a free replacement.

Consumer Contact: Crownplace Brands, Ltd at 888-332-5534 or via email at

Recall Specifications

Description: Aladdin MaxBrite 500 lamp burner.

  • Solid brass with brass finish.
  • Approximately 4” tall and 3 ¼” diameter at widest point.
  • The threaded part of the burner is less than 9 mm (less than 3/8”) long

Burner Identification Features: Continue reading Burner Recall Notice for MaxBrite Burner

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Quality Inspections – MAXbrite Burners

We take our quality inspections very seriously. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect each and every burner. Users can expect top performance from each MAXbrite burner.

The Tools

Quality Inspections - Test Gauges


Our burner gauges help us check the specs of every burner to make sure the components are built to exact specifications.

Checking Go- No go Gauges 2 Checking Go-No go Gauges

Quality Inspections & Wick Insertion

Every Aladdin burner comes with a charred wick pre-installed and ready to use. These photos show how we visually inspect and insert a wick into each burner.

Wick Insertion 2 Wick Insertion 1
Wick Insertion 3
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MAXbrite® 500 Burner – Product Detail (Updated December 2016)

MAXbrite® 500 Series Burner – Product Introduction

Updated: December 2016

Aladdin® MaXbrite® 500 burner

The Aladdin® side draft burner design has been time-tested and proven for over 80 years. Aladdin® introduced several incremental burner changes over the years.  We introduced the New Aladdin® MAXbrite® 500 burner in August/September 2015, which continues that tradition of changes and improvements.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 is a refined and improved version of the previous Aladdin® Model 23 side draft burner.  Therefore, the new MAXbrite® is now the replacement for side draft lamps. Our goal was to maximize light output. Many Model 23 burners suffer from random air leaks.  Those air leaks caused troublesome spikes in the flame.  As a result, Model 23 burners prevented mantles from reaching their maximum brightness capabilities. The MAXbrite® Model 500 burner eliminates the air leaks and spikes and allows mantles to reach their full brightness potential.

The Aladdin® MAXbrite® Model 500 burner is to be paired with a new MAXbrite® chimney. The chimney shape modifes the airflow and to further increase the mantle’s light output.

A new factory in China now manufactures the Aladdin® MAXbrite® burner.  We moved the final assembly and quality control to the USA and all of our current stock was inspected and assembled here in Ohio.  Collectors are calling it the finest burner produced in the last half century!

Model 23 burner part tooling was destroyed prior to Crownplace Brands taking over Aladdin® lamp and accessories production.  The MAXbrite® 500 uses all new tooling. We have many old parts in stock and in many cases MAXbrite® burner parts will fit on the Model 23 burners.  Unfortunately, Aladdin® Model 23 burners did not adhere to tight tolerances during production. In contrast, the MAXbrite® burner adheres to very precise specifications. As a result, we cannot guarantee that MAXbrite® parts will fit or produce the best results with all Model 23 burners.

We offer 2 finishes on the MAXbrite® Model 501 burners – Brass and Shiny Nickel.

Read on to learn about the new burner improvements. Continue reading MAXbrite® 500 Burner – Product Detail (Updated December 2016)