Safety Tips

Aladdin lamps produce a wonderful, bright light to bring a warm glow to the darkest of rooms. They also produce a tremendous amount of heat for their size – up to 1800 BTU! Due to the use of fuel and fire, combined with the significant amount of heat, there are certain safety precautions that every user should know.


Assembly, Prep, & Lighting

  • Securely and properly assemble all components, using the instructions provided.
  • The outer wick tube and chimney must always be in place while lamp is burning to avoid the burner over-heating.
  • Always pick up lamps by the font or base, NOT the burner! The burner may not be secure or strong enough to hold, and the base could detach and fall; it’s best to always use 2 hands to support.
  • If the burner can come out of base and tips over, or if the shade tripod wobbles, it is a fire and/or burn hazard. Contact Crownplace Brands and do not use the lamp.
  • Use only Aladdin shades – other shades may not be able to withstand the high temperatures and could break.
  • Monitor the mantle more carefully since over-firing may be more difficult to observe with shade installed.
  • Be aware that shades can trap heat and cause burner to overheat if not monitored periodically.
  • It is recommended to only use parchment shades on short shelf lamps, as glass shades may be too heavy and could become a tipping hazard if they are too top-heavy.
  • Never take the lamp from a cold room (like a garage) and try to light it right away—let it get to room temperature, especially if it is a glass lamp because glass can crack when the temperature changes too quickly.
  • When burning off the blue coating of a new mantle, keep away from combustibles, and avoid breathing in the fumes. The mantle will flare up with a brief flash – keep away from combustible materials during this process.
  • ALWAYS let the lamp warm up for 20 minutes after lighting, before turning the wick up for more brightness—turning it up too quickly can crack the chimney and cause black spots or even holes to burn into the mantle, which can lead to a runaway.


  • Aladdin lamps produce a very high operating temperature. Temperatures in excess of 1000°F (537°C) are produced at the top of the chimney. Never hold your hand over the chimney, or allow your hair or face to pass over the chimney or touch the glass or burner body.
  • Keep combustible materials at least 36” above chimney top (24” with a Mantle Saver Heatshield).
  • Do not allow combustible materials within 18” around the lamp.


  • Use only Aladdin® Fuel or K1 Kerosene. Never use gasoline!
  • If you accidentally use any fuel other than Aladdin® Fuel or K1 kerosene, safely remove the fuel to an approved receptacle and replace the wick before using the lamp.
  • Never refill your lamp while it is burning! Extinguish lamp and let it cool before refilling.

 General Use

  • NEVER leave a lit lamp unattended! Continually monitor your lamp while in use. If you leave the room, extinguish the lamp, or turn wick all the way down.
    • As the lamp warms up, the higher the flame can get and it can easily cause a fire; drafts and temperature changes can also cause flame to spike, which could lead to a runaway (flames shooting out through the mantle and up the chimney)—it can happen very quickly
    • If a runaway occurs, immediately turn wick all the way down and/or snuff the fire by covering the top of the chimney with something non-combustible; if that doesn’t work, wrap a damp rag or towel around the holes in the burner.
  • Use only in a well ventilated area. Avoid drafts, which may cause lamp to flicker unpredictably. (In extremely air tight rooms, you may need to crack open a window.)
  • Keep lamp out of reach of children and away from pets.
  • While lamp is burning, or even right after extinguishing, the lamp is HOT! Even after extinguished, the lamp may still be hot enough to burn your skin. Be careful not to touch the chimney, gallery, or burner!
  • If left in over-fired condition, flames may rise through the mantle and 6” or more past the top of the chimney. Wick adjustment knob may become too hot to touch or difficult to turn.
    • If this occurs, cover the top of the chimney with a pie pan, or any flat non-combustible object, to douse lamp.
    • CAUTION: If the lamp has been over-fired, allow it to cool completely. Once cooled, carefully inspect the wick, mantle, glass and metal components for heat damage before using. If damage is found, do not use the lamp until the parts are replaced.