Glossary of Terms

Do you need some help deciphering the Aladdin vernacular? Below, you will find definitions to terms and parts that are common in the world of Aladdin.

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Air Distributor – Part of the Outer Wick Tube; aids in proper air flow and distribution

Alacite® – Trademark name for ivory opal glass discovered by Aladdin that resembles semi-precious mineralites in texture with the softness and tone of genuine ivory; only one color but could cast different hues; pre-WWII was made with uranium oxide which will cause the lamp to glow under a blacklight

Aladdin – Name chosen by Victor S. Johnson in reference to the Arabian Nights stories of Aladdin and his magic lamp



Bug Screen (aka Insect Screen) – Metal accessory to cover the top of the chimney; contains small holes to allow air flow, but small enough to prevent bugs from flying or falling into the chimney tube and breaking the mantle

Burner Basket – Base of the burner that screws into the collar on the font and contains the Inner Wick Tube; holes in the basket allow air to enter and mix with the fuel for proper burning

Burner Assembly – Point of combustion where fuel is converted to light and screws into lamp font collar; air enters through holes in the burner basket (“side draft”) and mixes with air, which feeds the flame of the wick



Calibrate – The process of fine-tuning the wick height in order to find the approximate max set point

Center Draft (or Center Drought) – Lamp with air tube running from open bottom of lamp up to the burner to deliver oxygen (Models 1-12)

Char – Blackened top portion of the wick surface; wicks need sufficient char (approximately 1/8″) to burn properly

Chime – The sealed raised edge that goes all the way around the middle of a metal lamp font

Chimney – Clear glass tube that fits into the gallery; creates draft by pulling air from burner and out through the top

Collar – Threaded metal adapter fitted to the opening in the font, in which the burner screws into; some older glass fonts as well as metal fonts may not have a collar and the threads may be embedded or part of the font



Draft – Refers to the flow of air created by the chimney as well as the type of burner the lamp has (center or side)



Filler Cap – Covering of the opening in the font where the fuel is poured that screws over top of the filler collar; most often used on glass lamps

Filler Collar – Metal adapter fitted to the opening of the filler hole where fuel is poured

Filler Plug – Covering of the opening in the font where the fuel is poured that screws into the filler collar; most often used on metal lamps

Flame Spreader – Small, perforated, thimble-like part that fits into the top of the inner wick tube (and inside the wick); delivers more air to the wick which is required to create the blue flame

Font (or Fount) – bowl that holds the fuel, and where the burner is mounted to the collar



Gallery – Removable, upper portion of burner that holds the chimney and mantle in plae

Generator (or Gasifier) – Older, original name for the flame spreader; the name was changed in the 1920s



Heel-less – Refers to the style of gallery or chimney; chimney bottom is smooth and slips into the gallery

High Output Chimney – Chimney that is 3″ taller than the standard chimney; taller chimney creates more of a draft to increase brightness; required for those living at altitudes over 3,000′



Incandesce – To emit light as a result of heating; refers to the glow of the mantle created by the reaction of heat to the yttrium in the mantle fabric

Inner Wick Tube – Tubular center of the burner that fits inside the top, round part of the wick; holds the flame spreader as well as channels air to the inside of the wick for combustion



Kone Kap – Style of mantle used for models 3-11; identified by the base which contained the burner cone



Lox-On® – Refers to the style of gallery, chimney, or mantle; chimney bottom has 3 indentions to twist and lock into the gallery; mantle style also twists and locks into place

Light Booster – Metal extension accessory that can be added to the top of the chimney to create more of a draft for more brightness (especially for those who live at altitudes over 3,000′)



Mantle – Light-emitting part of lamp, made of fragile, cone-shaped rayon filament net containing the element yttrium (“rare earth element”)

MAXbrite – Name given to the most current Aladdin lamp model; refers to redesigns in the burner and chimney which improve airflow and maximize the brightness capabilities of the mantle

Moonstone – Misty translucent glass popular in the 1920s and 1930s, made in pink, green, white, and yellow



Nu-Type® – Name given to first side-draft burner (Model A); “Nu-Type” printed on Model A and B wick raiser knobs



Oil Pot – Lamp font made to fit inside vase lamps

Outer Wick Tube – Comprised of the Outer Wick Flange and Air Distributor; internal, removable part of the burner which encases the wick and distributes air flow

Over-generate – State of lamp where fuel is vaporized faster than it can be burned; results in smoke and soot on mantle



Runaway – Lamp overheating to where flames begin shooting through the mantle and quickly out of the chimney



Set Point – Point where a wick is turned up to the highest point that does not result in black spots on the mantle

Shade – Accessory that will soften the light as well as add to decor; come in glass or parchment

Shade Ring – Metal holder ring that supports glass shades

Side Draft (or Side Drought) – Style of lamp where air only enters lamp through sides of burner (Model A to all current models)

Super Aladdin – Term originated with Model 14 for burners in England (equivalent of Model A in the US); new “Super Aladdins” are unrelated and consist of a high output chimney AND a light booster



Tripod – Metal holder with 3 arms that supports parchment shades



Whip-o-lite® – Paper shade introduced in 1933 named after inventor Adolph D. Whipple and were made until 1956 (name was still used until 1968); translucent, washable, and able to withstand high heat and did not turn brown like similar parchment shades; translucence eliminated glare and gave a soft, pleasing illumination

Wick – Woven cotton fabric that draws fuel from font to burner, using capillary action (the ability to draw liquid upwards against the force of gravity); when the top of the wick is lit, the fuel burns, and the heat provided causes the mantle to glow

Wick Cleaner (aka Wick Trimmer) – Device used to smooth and shape the top of the wick’s surface for optimal burning

Wick Raiser (aka Wick Riser) – Metal arms that attach directly to the two metal side tabs of the round wick, and it fits into the wick raiser knob gear in the burner to move the wick up or down when the wick raiser knob is turned