Detailed Model Diagrams

Have a lamp missing a part and need to know what to look for as a replacement? Curious what the parts on a Model 2 look like? Want to know how old your Model 4 is? The new and improved Detailed Model Diagrams can answer all of these questions and so much more! Whether you are a new lamp owner, a beginning collector, or a knowledgeable Aladdin Knight, these diagrams have something for everyone!

All Aladdin lamp models are provided in detail below. These detailed model diagrams will help you to identify original parts as well as replacement parts that are currently available. In addition, you will also learn about each model’s specific and unique characteristics and see how lamp parts evolved over time.

Aladdin Wick Raiser Knobs

Note: Many models have multiple knob versions. There are also international versions not shown below. Click the image below to enlarge view. To see all knob versions, view the model diagrams found below.

Drawings: Lori Showalter

Aladdin Lamp Models

Note: Lamp models are ordered from current (MAXbrite 500) to the oldest (Model 1). Refrigerator burners are listed at the bottom.

MAXbrite Model 23/23A Model 21C/21 Model C
Model B/16B Model A/14/16A Model 12 Model 11
Model 10 Model 9 Model 8 Model 7
Model 6 Model 5 Model 4 Model 3
Model 2 Model 1

Aladdin Refrigerator Burners

Model 23E Model 32