About Us

Crownplace Brands is your source for specialty non-electric lighting and appliances.  If it runs on alternative fuels, chances are we can help!

Since 1955, we’ve specialized in helping retailers who serve four distinct markets:

  • Amish:  A religious group that rejects modern ways, the Amish rely on our appliances for well-lit homes and safely stored food.
  • Outdoorsmen:  How do you keep your catch fresh at the end of the day?  Our gas refrigerators can keep meat cold even in the wilderness.  And, your customers will never have to spend a night in the dark again!
  • Remote homes and cabins:  Just because your customers want to leave their busy lives behind does not mean they want to abandon modern conveniences.  Our refrigerators, wood cookstoves and lights work without electricity, and without noisy generators.
  • Solar homes:  When your customers install a gas refrigerator in a solar-electric home, their need for expensive solar panels is cut dramatically.  And, our full size refrigerators (up to 19 cu ft) stay cold on hot summer days, even with overcast skies.

We specialize in personal service.  We support your requirements, whether you need answers to technical issues or want to arrange special delivery times.  We’re happy to dropship our gas refrigeration products and wood cookstoves directly to your customer. Visit crownplacebrands.com or contact us for more information about all of our brands or how to become a dealer.