Find Parts

Current Replacement Parts Available

Contact a Dealer near you to order parts to keep your Aladdin lamp burning bright. Use the chart below for quick reference. Check with one of these antique dealers if you need parts that are no longer being made.

Note: Replacements listed here are current replacement parts that will work. See the Detailed Model Diagrams for original part information.

Replacement Parts Chart
*Lox-on burners and galleries are no longer available, only heel-less
**Gallery may work for these burner models
***Need to use a Kone Kap adapter #N146A; Kone Kap mantles no longer available
****To fit wick #N198 for models 1-8, pry steel wick tabs off wick

Part Adaptability

Some components are interchangeable and can be used in multiple models.

Adaptability Chart