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Fun Lamp/Shade Combos

In our last post, we shared some fun, new, bold lamp colors we’ve added to our Aluminum Powder Coated lamp series. We’ve also added some unique parchment shades that just happen to look AMAZING with these new lamps, as well as some of our old favorites.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the combinations we came up with. We would love to see some of your combinations, too! We’re always looking for color suggestions, so if you have a favorite color you haven’t seen yet, let us know!

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NEW Powder Coated Aluminum Colors!

We’re super excited to add some brand new bold colors to the Powder Coated Aluminum lamp series! These colors are unlike anything you’ve seen from Aladdin, so they are sure to pop.

Help us welcome these new colors:

  • Leaf Green
  • Orient Red
  • Sepia Brown
  • Water Blue

Not only are these colors bold, exciting, and new, but they also pair well with these 4 new parchment shades:

  • Autumn Floral
  • Pretty Peacock
  • Summer Sunflower
  • Surf Wave

To see some of the beautiful combinations we came up with, check out our next post. Hopefully, these will get your creative juices flowing. We hope you are as excited about these new additions as we are!