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Behind The Scenes: The Making of the 47th Gathering Josephine Fonts

The 47th Aladdin Gathering is going to be held in Coralville, Iowa. You can find all of the details about this year’s Gathering on the National Association of Aladding Lamp Collectors’ (NAALC) website. The official lamp for this year’s Gathering is the Josephine, which was originally produced in 1994. Sold by Steve Covington, it was a tribute to his Grandmother, Josephine Melton. Be sure to check out the November issue of the Mystic Light Newsletter for Bob Daniels’ details on the journey to reproduce this unique font.  Watch for your March newsletter for more information as well.

These reproduction fonts were made using the mold owned by the NAALC. The new Josephine fonts were molded at Mosser Glass in Cambridge, OH. Goldie Stanley at Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, WV then hand painted the delicate Camille flower design and signed the bottom of each piece.

Behind The Scenes Production

Here at Crownplace, we’ve carefully added the burner collars to the new Josephine fonts. Take a sneak peak preview of the fonts that will be available at the Gathering. They will be available with both nickel (shown above) and brass (below) collars.

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Quality Inspections – MAXbrite Burners

We take our quality inspections very seriously. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect each and every burner. Users can expect top performance from each MAXbrite burner.

The Tools

Quality Inspections - Test Gauges


Our burner gauges help us check the specs of every burner to make sure the components are built to exact specifications.

Checking Go- No go Gauges 2 Checking Go-No go Gauges

Quality Inspections & Wick Insertion

Every Aladdin burner comes with a charred wick pre-installed and ready to use. These photos show how we visually inspect and insert a wick into each burner.

Wick Insertion 2 Wick Insertion 1
Wick Insertion 3