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NEW – Model 12 Style Glass Shades

Introducing our latest group of NEW Aladdin® Glass Shades! This group features a variety of images, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Model 12 (N66) Style Glass Shades

All shades are opal with the exception of the Black Rose shade which is featured on a champagne color shade.

Gristmill Shade
Gristmill on Opal #100022067
Rooster Shade Tree of Hearts Shade
Rooster on Opal #100022070 Tree of Hearts on Opal #100022071
Beach Paradise Shade Alpine Meadow Shade
Beach Paradise on Opal #100022072 Alpine Meadow on Opal #100022073
Black Rose Shade
Black Rose on Champagne #100022074
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NEW – Simple Floral Collection Shades

Spring is here (finally) whether it feels like it or not. So we thought it was the perfect time to be thinking about flowers! Aladdin® is pleased to announce this Simple Floral Collection of NEW hand painted glass shades. These simple yet appealing floral designs are available in several different shade styles. The M75- shades are crystal with clear middle. The N60- Model 12 Style Shades have a white top and clear bottom. The N66- shades are Opal. More unique designs to be released soon!

M-75 Style – Crystal, Clear Middle

Lotus #100022056 Plumeria #100022057

N-60 Model 12 Style – Crystal, White Top

Plumeria #100022061 Frangipani #100022062

N-66 Model 12 Style – Opal

Plumeria #100022068 Frangipani #100022069