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NEW – Simple Floral Collection Shades

Spring is here (finally) whether it feels like it or not. So we thought it was the perfect time to be thinking about flowers! Aladdin® is pleased to announce this Simple Floral Collection of NEW hand painted glass shades. These simple yet appealing floral designs are available in several different shade styles. The M75- shades are crystal with clear middle. The N60- Model 12 Style Shades have a white top and clear bottom. The N66- shades are Opal. More unique designs to be released soon!

M-75 Style – Crystal, Clear Middle

Lotus #100022056 Plumeria #100022057

N-60 Model 12 Style – Crystal, White Top

Plumeria #100022061 Frangipani #100022062

N-66 Model 12 Style – Opal

Plumeria #100022068 Frangipani #100022069