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Collecting: Don’t Know Where to Start?

If you were lucky enough to attend our seminar Aladdin: Past, Present, & Future at the 47th Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa this past weekend, then you know what is coming! As promised, the “Tips” sheet is now available from our Instructional Documents page under the Learning & Resource Center menu. If you couldn’t make it to the Gathering or to our seminar, you’re in luck! You now have access to the resources that I discussed.

I have also created a template spreadsheet that can be used to create your own collection record! Take a look at the new “Collection” page for more information and to download your own copy of the template.

Starting an Aladdin collection can be overwhelming, so we thought it might be nice to offer some helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.

Get started – have fun – and happy collecting!

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NEW! Aladdin Limited Edition – Signature Series Traveling Salesman’s Case

Available Now!

Introducing the Limited Edition Signature Series – Traveling Salesman’s Case! Only 110 have been produced.  The Deluxe Brass K102 is safely nestled in a custom-made foam bed surrounded by a USA-made hardcase by Seward Trunk (founded in 1878, and famous supplier of World War II footlockers).  The K102 is a hand soldered exact replica of the early Aladdin Model 1 to Model 6, which was the heyday of the Aladdin Traveling Salesman. The Traveling Salesman’s Case will retail for $739.

Every Traveling Salesman’s set includes:

  • A serialized K102 Deluxe Brass lamp, with either a green N301 or red N302 ribbed shade
  • A 32 oz bottle of Aladdin brand oil
  • 2 Lox-on R150 Mantles
  • 1 extra N230 wick
  • A signed copy of Bill Courter’s book, “Aladdin, The Magic Name in Lamps”
  • A special serialized case bearing a facsimile signature of Victor S Johnson (lamp also contains a small signature plate on the bottom)
  • A Certificate of Authenticity

Click photos to enlarge

Just in time for the 2019 Aladdin Gathering!

The limited edition cases will be available starting at the 47th Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa (July 25-27). Be sure to stop by the Crownplace Brands table in the Show Room, where we will have one of the cases on display! Some dealers who are attending the Gathering will be ready to take your order. Contact your favorite dealer to get yours!

In Other News: K102 Retirement

The Deluxe Brass K102, featured in the salesman’s case, is slated for retirement. Be sure to get one before they’re gone!

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47th Annual Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa

Exciting news!  Crownplace Brands will be heading to the 47th Annual Aladdin Gathering in a couple weeks.  We plan on having a table at the Lamp Show to offer special Mix and Match Font glue ups on site!  That means you’ll be able to pick your parts and watch as the font is glued up!  This should be a fun event!  We have limited quantities on the various bowls and pedestals that are available for this event, so it’s on a first come, first serve, basis only.  The bowls and pedestals offered are considered ‘seconds’ as they didn’t quite pass our rigorous quality inspections.  We can’t wait to see what kinds of color combinations you can come up with.  We first offered this at the 41st Annual Eastern Lighting Collector’s Meet in Wooster, Ohio, back in April and we saw some pretty neat combinations, like a Cobalt Grand Vertique bowl with the Vaseline Lincoln Drape pedestal.

We’ll also be releasing a NEW Limited Edition Aladdin Traveling Salesman’s Case that will be available to purchase for the first time, from your favorite Aladdin dealer at the gathering!  We look forward to seeing everyone there!