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Collecting: Don’t Know Where to Start?

If you were lucky enough to attend our seminar Aladdin: Past, Present, & Future at the 47th Aladdin Gathering in Coralville, Iowa this past weekend, then you know what is coming! As promised, the “Tips” sheet is now available from our Instructional Documents page under the Learning & Resource Center┬ámenu. If you couldn’t make it to the Gathering or to our seminar, you’re in luck! You now have access to the resources that I discussed.

I have also created a template spreadsheet that can be used to create your own collection record! Take a look at the new “Collection” page for more information and to download your own copy of the template.

Starting an Aladdin collection can be overwhelming, so we thought it might be nice to offer some helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.

Get started – have fun – and happy collecting!