Charring the Wick

Wicks need to have about 1/8” of char (partially burnt, blackened surface) on the top. This makes the wick much easier to light and keep a steady flame. It is also important for creating the blue flame. New wicks are sold with the charring already done.

Reasons a wick might need to be re-charred:

  • Wick was over-cleaned and the char was removed
  • Old wick was unused for some time
  • Wick’s burning surface is roughed up from placing and removing the outer wick tube, causing char to be worn off and the top to become frayed and uneven

Steps to Re-Char:

  1. Remove all fuel from the font and let the wick dry out completely
  2. Remove the gallery and flame spreader
  3. Turn wick up 1/8” above outer wick tube
  4. Dip top of wick of wick into Aladdin lamp oil briefly (about 5 seconds)
  5. Light wick and let it burn until the flame goes out—allow the top of the wick to smolder or glow until completely out (3-5 minutes)
  6. Use the Aladdin wick cleaner to smooth the top of the wick (see Wick Cleaning instructions)
    • There should be about 1/8” of char around the top
    • If it is uneven, or there isn’t enough char, repeat the above steps (sometimes it takes more than one time to get things to even out properly)