Assembly & Prep

How to assemble your lamp for the first time and prepare it for lighting.

Proper assembly is crucial to your lamp’s function. Before getting started, you may find it helpful to review all of the parts of your Aladdin lamp – click here for labeled diagrams of all parts. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for assembly!

 Assembly & Prep

  1. Screw the burner clockwise into the collar on the top of the lamp font until it is tight
    Note: If you will be using a shade, thread the wick through the ring of the shade ring or tripod first and then screw the burner into the font collar until both the burner and shade holder are secure
  2. Fill the font with fuel and wait about 1 hour to let the wick soak thoroughly
  3. Unscrew the gallery (upper portion of the burner), and carefully fit chimney to the gallery, make sure it is snug, but not too tight (adjust tabs if necessary), and then remove the chimney and set it aside
  4. Install the mantle to the gallery by holding the wire frame only at the “ears” on the base and turn it clockwise until it is locked (line up the 4 indentions on the bottom of the mantle with the 4 slots in the gallery)
  5. Burn the blue coating off of the mantle by lighting it with the flame of a match (don’t let the match touch the mantle)
    Caution: the mantle coating will burn off quickly in a quick flash; be sure to be away from anything combustible before lighting
  6. Reinstall the chimney to the gallery carefully without touching or jostling the mantle
  7. Turn wick so that it is about 1/8″ above the outer wick tube (wick height will be lower than the flame spreader)
  8. Light the top of the wick until the entire circle is lit
  9. Place the gallery, mantle and chimney as one unit back onto the burner (careful not to drop), and screw clockwise until tight
  10. Turn the wick up until the mantle is glowing slightly and then allow the lamp to warm up for about 20 minutes before turning the wick up to its max set point


  1. Turn the wick knob to the left until the knob until it stops (don’t force)—all of the glow should be out of the mantle
  2. Cup your hand behind the top of the chimney (don’t touch the chimney – it’s hot!)
  3. Blow sharply across the top of the chimney–do not blow into the chimney!
  4. Turn knob to the right to bring the wick up to check to make sure flame is extinguished, then turn back down again

Note: when you are ready to use your lamp again, you will follow some slightly different steps – click here to find out more.