Lighting & Extinguishing

Before getting started, you may find it helpful to review all of the parts of your Aladdin lamp – click here for labeled diagrams of all parts. If this is the first time putting your lamp together and using it, you may want to check out these steps first.

After first use, you can follow these steps for lighting and extinguishing your lamp:


blue flame

Photo Courtesy: Lori Showalter

  1. Check the fuel level, and fill as necessary (not too full; about 1/2” from the fuel cap)
  2. Unscrew the gallery counter-clockwise from the burner (with mantle and chimney still installed), and set it carefully aside
  3. Turn the wick up so that it is about 1/8″ above the outer wick tube (wick height will be lower than the flame spreader)
  4. Light the top of the wick until the entire circle is lit – note the blue flame!
  5. Place the gallery, mantle and chimney as one unit back onto the burner (careful not to drop), and screw clockwise until tight
  6. Turn the wick up until the mantle is glowing slightly and then allow the lamp to warm up for about 20 minutes before turning the wick up to its max set point


  1. Turn the wick knob to the left until the knob until it stops (don’t force)—all of the glow should be out of the mantle
  2. Cup your hand behind the top of the chimney (don’t touch the chimney – it’s hot!)
  3. Blow sharply across the top of the chimney–do not blow into the chimney!
  4. Turn knob to the right to bring the wick up to check to make sure flame is extinguished, then turn back down again