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NEW – Model 12 Style Glass Shades

Introducing our latest group of NEW Aladdin® Glass Shades! This group features a variety of images, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Model 12 (N66) Style Glass Shades

All shades are opal with the exception of the Black Rose shade which is featured on a champagne color shade.

Gristmill Shade
Gristmill on Opal #100022067
Rooster Shade Tree of Hearts Shade
Rooster on Opal #100022070 Tree of Hearts on Opal #100022071
Beach Paradise Shade Alpine Meadow Shade
Beach Paradise on Opal #100022072 Alpine Meadow on Opal #100022073
Black Rose Shade
Black Rose on Champagne #100022074
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NEW – Simple Floral Collection Shades

Spring is here (finally) whether it feels like it or not. So we thought it was the perfect time to be thinking about flowers! Aladdin® is pleased to announce this Simple Floral Collection of NEW hand painted glass shades. These simple yet appealing floral designs are available in several different shade styles. The M75- shades are crystal with clear middle. The N60- Model 12 Style Shades have a white top and clear bottom. The N66- shades are Opal. More unique designs to be released soon!

M-75 Style – Crystal, Clear Middle

Lotus #100022056 Plumeria #100022057

N-60 Model 12 Style – Crystal, White Top

Plumeria #100022061 Frangipani #100022062

N-66 Model 12 Style – Opal

Plumeria #100022068 Frangipani #100022069
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NEW – Cabin Series Student Shades

We have many NEW shades to offer that will be released a few at a time.

The first group is the new “Cabin Series” Student Shades. These white M54-style shades are available in a Bear, Deer, or Moose silhouette on a log-style background.

They offer the simple, rural charm of rustic cabin/lodge living. Contact your favorite dealer today to get yours!

Cabin Series - Bear Cabin Series - Deer Cabin Series Moose

Be on the lookout!! More new shades are coming soon!

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Behind The Scenes: The Making of the 47th Gathering Josephine Fonts

The 47th Aladdin Gathering is going to be held in Coralville, Iowa. You can find all of the details about this year’s Gathering on the National Association of Aladding Lamp Collectors’ (NAALC) website. The official lamp for this year’s Gathering is the Josephine, which was originally produced in 1994. Sold by Steve Covington, it was a tribute to his Grandmother, Josephine Melton. Be sure to check out the November issue of the Mystic Light Newsletter for Bob Daniels’ details on the journey to reproduce this unique font.  Watch for your March newsletter for more information as well.

These reproduction fonts were made using the mold owned by the NAALC. The new Josephine fonts were molded at Mosser Glass in Cambridge, OH. Goldie Stanley at Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, WV then hand painted the delicate Camille flower design and signed the bottom of each piece.

Behind The Scenes Production

Here at Crownplace, we’ve carefully added the burner collars to the new Josephine fonts. Take a sneak peak preview of the fonts that will be available at the Gathering. They will be available with both nickel (shown above) and brass (below) collars.

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More New Features!

Don’t miss out on some of the new features that we recently added to the website! Check out each of these new items added to the main navigation menu.

We hope that you will find all of these new resources helpful! As always, if you have suggestions for information that you would like to see available on the website, please let us know!

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TONS of New Content Added!

Exciting News!

As promised, we have added a TON of new content to the site! Whether you are new to Aladdin lamps or you are a seasoned collector, we have something for everyone! Be sure to check it all out and let us know what you think! We aren’t quite done yet, so you will see a few things labeled “Coming Soon!” .

Without further ado, here is a summary of all the new resources at your fingertips!

The following have been added to the Aladdin Learning & Resource Center menu and homepage:

  1. Detailed Model Diagrams – These have been on the site for a little while, but they have moved under the “Learning & Resource Center” menu.
  2. Instructional Documents – We had a few documents posted before, but now each of the new sections has its own PDF version which can be found here.
  3. Instructional Videos – These are all the same as before, except they are now on their own page.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions – These are the same as before, but they have moved under the “Learning & Resource Center” menu and also have a new PDF version available.
  5. Glossary of Terms – NEW! Search quickly by letter for the word you are wondering about, or scroll through the list and see if you learn anything new!
  6. Aladdin Lamp Anatomy – NEW! Learn about all of the parts of an Aladdin lamp with labeled diagrams and explanations of each part.
  7. Function – How They Work – NEW! See a detailed diagram of what is happening when you light your lamp.
  8. Troubleshooting – NEW! Find out what might be wrong with your lamp or with something you are doing; start off with some basic diagnostic questions or use the menu to search for your specific issue.
  9. Safety Tips – NEW! Safety tips every Aladdin user should know.
  10. Performance Tips – NEW! Tips every Aladdin user should know to get the best peformace from their magical lamp.

Find Parts – NEW menu item! Use this page for a quick list of parts for your lamp model. Also included is a list of part adaptability for models that can use parts from other models.

Aladdin History – NEW menu item! See a timeline of the rich and interesting history of Aladdin.

Search – A new search feature has been added to the menu! This new search allows you to search for anything on the site by keyword.


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How Do Aladdin Lamps Work?

Have you ever wondered,
“Just how, exactly, do Aladdin lamps work”?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve added a brand new resource document to the Learning and Resource Center that answers that very question! This new color-coded diagram describes exactly what is happening when you light your Aladdin lamp.

It’s actually quite fascinating to dig deeper into the burner’s anatomy and discover the function of each part, both individualy and as part of the whole.  Furthermore, understanding how your lamp works will help you troubleshoot when problems occur.

Find out now!

Click the image below to take a tour through an Aladdin burner from font to chimney. You will learn how the parts of your lamp are working together to create the truly unique bright, white light. It is nothing short of magical!

How Aladdin Lamps Work

Would you like to experience the magic for yourself? Contact an authorized Aladdin dealer near you!

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Limited Edition – Signature Series: Grand Vertique Honey Amber Table Lamp

Introducing the Newest Signature Series Lamp!

Aladdin® is pleased to announce the newest Aladdin® Signature Series lamp: The Grand Vertique Honey Amber Table Lamp! Only 165 lamps were produced for this Limited Edition, Signature Series collection. Each lamp comes with a serialized sticker on the bottom of the lamp and on the outside of the lamp carton. The sticker features a facsimile signature of Aladdin® inventor, Victor S. Johnson.  A Certificate of Authenticity is also included for each lamp. Contact a dealer near you to collect a piece of Aladdin history!

The beautiful honey amber glass font bowls and pedestals (as well as the shade molds) were done by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio. In addition, all lamps come with a shiny nickel burner and shade ring.

Just in time for fall, the lamp comes with one of two shade options: Fall Oak or Fall Mums. All of the shades were hand-painted, signed by the artist, and finished by Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, West Virginia.

Honey Amber with Fall Oak Shade #100023035

Honey Amber with Fall Mum Shade #100023034

The Honey Amber Table Lamp with fall shades follows prior entries in the Signature Series:

2018 – Grand Vertique Cobalt Blue with Cosmos or Petite Violets Shade
2017 – Grand Vertique Emerald Green with Ivy Shade

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New Content Coming Soon!

We are busy working on some exciting new things! For starters, we have revamped the look of the website. But we’re not done yet! If you have suggestions for things you would like to see, please let us know, and we will do our best to make it available on the site. We hope to have much more new content coming soon.

What’s New Right Now?

This blog! We know, it’s been awhile since we have posted an update, but that is going to change. Check back here often to see what’s happening in the world of Aladdin. We hope to share new products, new or updated resources, and much more.

Aladdin Model Diagram We are very proud to share a recently updated feature: brand new model diagrams! Now, each guide provides images of all original parts in a similar format, making them easy to compare. We have added many more wick raiser knob versions as well as flame spreader tops! For easy comparison and identification, international versions are now paired with their similar U.S. counterparts. Each guide lists any current replacement parts that are available, as well as interchangeability of parts between models. Not only can you now easily identify any Aladdin part, but you can also learn some fun history and see the progression of parts through the ages.

Don’t forget about our Learning Center! We have a wide range of helpful instructional videos that cover all aspects of owning and using an Aladdin lamp. This page has been revamped to help you easily find what you need. All of our videos are accessible right on our site, and they are conveniently grouped by content.

Content Coming Soon!

Check back often for more new things coming from Aladdin!