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48th Gathering Highlights

Jenni Hayes and I (Lori Showalter) had the pleasure of representing Crownplace Brands and Aladdin at the 48th Gathering, in Louisville, Kentucky just a few weeks ago. We had a great time seeing some friendly, familiar faces as well as meeting plenty of new folks as well!

At the Crownplace table this year, we offered mix-and-match glue-ups for the 2nd time. This is something we only offer at Gatherings. For this special offer, we have “seconds” pieces of bowls and feet that people can choose from to create their own unique lamp, mixing colors and styles. Then, we glue the font up for them on the spot as they watch. In about 15 minutes, the glue is dry enough for them to take it with them.  This year, anyone who bought a mix-and-match lamp was entered into a drawing for one of the Signature Series Cobalt Grand Vertique lamps. The winner was very excited!  Check out some of the unique combinations we created this year! You won’t find these for sale anywhere!

We also had t-shirts for sale as well as some scrap lamp pieces that aren’t quite good enough to be used for lamps, but could be used for some other creative projects, such as flower pots, display stands, etc.! Check out what we did with a few pieces below (left)!

We hope to see everyone in Springfield, Missouri in 2022!