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MAXbrite 500 Series Burner Upgrades: 500, 501, 502

The Aladdin MAXbrite 500 series burner is the current model featured on all new Aladdin lamps. We have recently received some inquiries about the differences between the MAXbrite 500, 501, and 502 versions. So, we thought it might be helpful to document the slight changes between each of the versions.

The 500

The threads on the original MAXbrite 500 were a little too short. After additional testing, we discovered that when used with a shade ring or tripod, there could be a hazard due to the burner not screwing all the way down tightly. For this reason, we initiated a voluntary recall on this first batch of MAXbrite 500s.

The recall affected 400 brass burners. To the best of our knowledge, we have received nearly all of them back. The best way to tell if you have a recalled burner is to try the burner with a shade ring or tripod to see if the burner can be screwed down securely or not. You can also measure the threads – the recalled burner threads measure less than 3/8″ long (9 mm). You can read more about he recall here.

The 501

MAXbrite burner basket imprinting
Example: Model 501 – November 2016

The thread length on the first run of the MAXbrite 501s was increased to overcome the above mentioned issue.

We also made some slight size modifications to the flame spreader on the Model 501 which made it more universal or “backwards compatible” with earlier produced Aladdin burners.

Beginning with the 501, we began stamping the burner basket with the model followed by the year and month of production (see image).

It is important to note that the original production of the Model 500 burners did not have a model # and year/month stamping on the basket. The Model 501 and 502 baskets should be stamped as described above. The wick turner knobs remains the same since these are all MAXbrite 500 Series burners.

The 502

When we launched the Model 502, we made some incremental improvements to the threads so they would be more “backwards compatible” with some of the older antique model Aladdin table lamp fonts (i.e. Model A, Model B, etc.). We also made adjustments to the tolerances of the gallery and outer wick tubes components to ensure a smoother fit.